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Lantau Island - 大嶼山

Tian Tan Buddha - 天壇大佛, Po Lin Monastery - 寶蓮禪寺


We got up early to go to Lantau Island, which is where the Hong Kong International Airport is located to go see the amazing Tian Tan Buddha. We took the tram as our mode of transportation to see the Buddha. It was a pretty long tram ride to get there but you could see trails, tons of trees and in the distance you could see the Buddha.
There is a little village when you get off the tram on your way to the Buddha. They sell food, novelty gifts and such. They even had a wishing station where people write on tags and hang it up for good luck. It was breathtaking to see all the wishes people had put there. They also had photo stations where you could stick your head in the cutouts or sit on a bench that was clearly for tourists.

The Tian Tan Buddha is made of bronze and according to Wikipedia "symbolises the harmonious relationship between man and nature, people and religion". I remember walking up to the staircase and looking up, the sun shining behind the Buddha's head and taking in a deep breath. I felt peaceful and calm. I've never seen a statue that big, that majestic and calming in my life. It stands at a whopping 34 meters and has bronze servants presenting offerings to the Buddha. And yes we climbed all 268 steps and it was worth it. Look how beautiful this was.

We also visited the Po Lin Monastery that was a small walk from the Buddha. The Monastery was adorned with fresh flowers, shrines, statues, incense, mediation room and beautiful decorated. It was really an experience I'd love to have again. I really enjoyed both the Buddha and the monastery.

If you ever get an opportunity to go to Hong Kong, this is one of the things YOU MUST DO. Clear a day for Lantau Island, this was one of my favorite parts of my visit. I also love going to shrines, seeing temples and statues as I love learning about the culture and history of wherever I visit. If you are one of those people, then you will love it there.

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Hong Kong Eats (Part 3)

More food!


Part 3 continuation from Part 2 and Part 1.

Look how ready we are to eat!

There's a famous bakery in Hong Kong known for their "wife cakes". It's a flaky cake with lotus paste on the inside. There was also another cake/cookie that had the "1000 year old egg" on the inside. Both are well worth trying.



The fast food to eat in Hong Kong is a place called "Cafe de Coral". The hubs was hungry so we stopped by really quick and he had some food and iced coffee/tea. My favorite thing to eat is the baked pork chop, fried rice in tomato sauce. I haven't been able to find the same in NY even though they claim it's the same.
Look how cute the hubs and his mom are.

We went out with some family to a place where they are famous for their food. The rice with some pork fat, the desserts are super famous too. They were voted the best crystal jelly with custard and the yellow sponge cake was to die for.

Street food is what my husband lives for.
He loves "chow daufu" which is stinky tofu. Boy is it stinky! I could smell it blocks away but he LOVES it!

We went to the famous Lei Yu Moon where there are many seafood markets where fishermen come and sell their foods to consumers that are wanting to eat. Then the seafood is taken to the restaurant of your choice and prepared how you want. It was amazing to see all the live seafood, a lot of it looked incredibly scary. I tried a lot of things I've never tried before in my life, like the mantis shrimp which looks like a giant centipede but tastes like delicious lobster.

They also sell fruit outside Lei Yue Mun so we bought some mangosteen. One of my favorite exotic fruits.
My in laws, husband and I outside Lei Yue Mun. One big happy family!

And my last two dinners in Hong Kong. Sushi and Cantonese.

I miss Hong Kong food so very much and is one of my favorite foods to eat. I am supposed to go again early 2011 so maybe I'll have more pictures and new foods to share. Will keep you posted. Next up will be places I visited in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Eats (Part 2)

More food!


Here is a continuation from Part 1. So much food!

These pictures are from a restaurant that specializes in a specific kind of Chinese cuisine. Sadly I don't remember what it was called but it was extremely tasty.

The egg custard from Hong Kong is one of the most delicious desserts I have ever had. The best "dan-tah" (egg custard) I've ever ate was at this place called Honolulu Coffee Shop. The crust was flaky, tasty and buttery, the custard was smooth and just sweet enough. We also got the toast with condense milk on top which is a favorite for breakfast amongst a lot of Hong Kong people.

We went to a Peking Duck place per the husband's friend suggestion. We had a mini reunion with his childhood friends and really enjoyed the food.
The hubby's childhood friends, him and I at the table.
They even had soup dumplings!
And some dessert:

We stopped by a noodle place which are all over Hong Kong. It's usually a hole in the wall but great to eat since it's cheap and it's good. You can find these anywhere.

We had a lot of food with his friends again and this time we had hot pot! Delicious.

The family and I went to a place that was a semi hole in the wall where they make congee (rice porridge), stir fried noodles and jjong (rice wrapped in lotus leaves). I've had all of these in New York's Chinatown and I always loved it but having it here was life changing for me. I still don't like NY's Chinese food as much as Hong Kong. I'll definitely stop by a place like this next time i go to Hong Kong. If you can read Chinese, this is the place we went to:

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Hong Kong Eats

We ate a lot of delicious foods!


My first trip to Hong Kong was memorable and actually one of my favorite places to vacation. It was fun to see where my husband was born, grew up and where his parents are from. I was lucky because the hubs knows Hong Kong inside out so we didn't need a book to tell us where to go. Not to mention my Father in law is an amazing guide to Hong Kong. We really took advantage of the time we had there and his family was so gracious and spent every moment showing us the sites and all the amazing delicious food.

Since I don't read or write Chinese, I won't even attempt to explain where things were because I don't remember. But in the instance I do remember I will write about it. :) Everything was delicious and hopefully you can see Hong Kong food through our pictures here.

Oh dim sum!

This place is famous for their crispy whole pork. It was one of the most delicious meals I had in Hong Kong.

A typical Hong Kong breakfast.

One of my favorite places was a place called Hoi Ting Tong. It's almost a jelly/jelloish semi sweet snack or dessert. It is served hot or cold with a sweet sugar syrup, which reminds me of a simple syrup. They are known for using the shell of whatever that animal is in the picture and it's supposed to be very good for your skin. I really enjoyed it and even got the gummy versions to take home. They also serve a number of herbal drinks and other drinks there.

More food:

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