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Musée du Louvre

The Grand Louvre, The Louvre Museum or The Lourve

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Musée du Louvre is so impressive. Not only is it one of the largest museums in the world but it's clear that it's highly popular by the long lines that are outside. It's located in the Palais du Louvre (the Louvre Palace) and it was built for Philip II in the later 12th century. The fortress has been renovated many times but you can still see some of the original parts of the fortress. Louis XIV decided to stay at the Palace of Versailles to live so the Louvre became a place to display the royal collections.

A little tip to avoid all those long lines. Go through Le Carrousel du Louvre. It's a little mall that happens to be connected to the Louvre and has vending machines for you to buy your ticket. The whole process took about five minutes to buy the ticket, no lines and I went on my way. Felt a little bad for everyone outside but then again, I was pretty happy I didn't have to wait out in the cold and snow!

I am not trained in the arts so I got the helpful video/audio guide that you can purchase at any of the wings. Just make sure you have a passport or drivers license to leave as collateral. I really learned a lot about the artwork and it was also a handy map... The Louvre is a huge museum so I got lost a couple times.

Here are some highlights from my visit to the museum.

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, Antonio Canova 1787
This was my favorite piece of art in the whole museum. While listening to the audio about the statue my eyes filled with tears. I was looking at it and it looked so real, as if I had just witnessed such pure love that Cupid and Psyche had. My heart broke seeing Cupid holding the dying, lifeless Psyche and they are about to share one last kiss. My heart ached so much but I also felt such love. While I was staring at this statue in tears I was so thankful for the love I have with my husband. It's so hard to explain but art has never touched me so deeply like it did that day.

Venus de Milo
She was impressive!


Mona Lisa/La Gioconda/La Joconde, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
I was shocked how small the actual painting was but it was very interesting no matter where I stood I felt like she was looking at me. It also looked like a window looking at her. It was strangely beautiful and I was happy to be able to take many pictures of her.

The Wedding at Cana/The Wedding Feast at Cana, Veronese
Directly across from the Mona Lisa is this giant painting. If I remember correctly it is the largest painting displayed at the Louvre but I'm not certain on that. I remember that Jesus is the only one in festivities looking at me in the painting. The details were quite impressive. I can't believe a person made such a giant piece of art and one that looks so real.

I can't wait to go back and see the parts I missed the first time around.

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