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Paris is really a beautiful city, even in the winter time when it's freezing cold and snowing everywhere. My husband had work there so most of the time I was on my own to explore the country. We did eat a lot together and to me, eating is my favorite time with people that I love.

I will start our Paris posts of the food that we ate. Sadly I didn't take a picture of every single meal and I wish that I did but I promise I have plenty here for your eyes (and stomach) to see!

Here we go!

There was so much hype about their macaroons all over the net and among my friends who have visited Paris. Normally I take hype with a grain of salt since most of the time I am sorely disappointed. But I was determined to try them myself and I was in heaven! They are so carefully made and not to mention incredibly beautiful. I tried some when I came back to New York City in the Parisian bakeries and I was sadly disappointed. They are worth the expensive price and I heard that if you plan to bring it back with you as gifts, think again. The air pressure from the airplane can crack the delicate macaroons and change the texture. Though that was only one person's opinion.. I didn't want to chance it. I visited the location on Champs Elysees - they have a pick up side and in the back seating for dinner guests. Your pick.

Locations: http://www.laduree.fr/public_en/maisons/maisons_accueil.htm

Paris is all about discovering places on your own

Coffee Link
66 Rue Pierre Charron (Subway: George V)
The best places to eat are the ones off busy streets. We stumbled upon this restaurant while walking on Champs-Elysees. We heard the best tip about Paris: Nothing tastes bad in Paris but eat off the side streets where it's not so busy. That ensures you're probably getting an authentic meal, it's less expensive and you'll end up at a place nobody recommended but you love. We enjoyed Coffee Link, nice sit down restaurant with friendly staff. I'll let the food speak for itself through the pictures.

Another place we stumbled upon. I can't even tell you where or what the place is called because I don't remember. Doesn't it look delicious?

Creperies are everywhere in Paris and whether savory or sweet it is a delicious snack or breakfast! We sat in crepeires, we had some at the stands right outside the Saint Michel stop but honestly they all taste just about the same. I'd say go with the stands so that you can have your food on the go, or if you go into a creperie go to the bar, stand and eat. Eating at the bar is generally a cheaper option than having a sit down meal. I really loved getting my crepe to go and sightseeing. I miss crepes.

We ate a lot of crepes.... look how happy we are!

L'as Du Fallafel
34 Rue des Rosiers (Subway: Saint-Paul)
L'as Du Fallafel was another one of those places that everyone seem to rave about. To my surprise (again) I agree! They are located in the Jewish district so be sure to check their hours of operation. We showed up on a Saturday and of course they were closed. Wasn't really thinking when we showed up on a Saturday and everything in the area was closed! They have signs everywhere that says Lenny Kravitz's favorite fallafel place is here. Really, I don't care about celebrity endorsements. But the food here is really yummy and plentiful! I suggest you wait in line for the take away instead of eating inside. The lines are long and no matter how hungry you are do NOT go to another place, not across the street especially. You will be so disappointed if you go across the street because it taste horrible. I would stick with the fallafels with all the fixings. The food is very filling and highly delicious.

Since this post is already quite long, I'll continue our food posts another day. Stay tuned!

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